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We really care about our customers!

Many customers come to us because they do not know how e.g. Websites, social media, marketing, SEO and speed optimization work. In addition to delivering a customized and well-designed website, we also give you as a customer the tools, knowledge and opportunity to develop and strengthen your company with the solutions we offer. We strive for developing your business through the websites we create and are happy to go the extra mile to make our customers happy.

At Cebb, we are driven by finding solutions, challenging ourselves and being able to impress our customers. We also want to share the knowledge we possess with our customers. Our main goals are to educate, offer and maintain solutions that you actually need.

What our customers say about us

Evelyn Wallin
David Brander
Super satisfied!
So I'm so insanely satisfied! More satisfied than satisfied! The job, commitment and end product that Christoffer has offered me is just so crazy good! Can warmly recommend C to anyone who wants a professional website and the knowledge to handle it! He is really knowledgeable in his field and gives you guidance while he works! Super Thanks! I will recommend you to many!
Highly recommended!
I recently got my website up and running. Christoffer at cebb has fixed it for me. I am very happy with the result and Christoffer is great to deal with. Highly recommended!
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Here is some of our previous work

Cebb is your go-to agency for custom Wordpress solutions. We create a plan for your website and your presence on the web, every time. Below you will find some of the projects we have worked on.


We have designed and developed a website for newly started Själsfrid.
Go to the website

Massage & Hälsa

We have designed and developed a website for Andrum massage & health in Mariestad.
Go to the website

Branders Gräv

We have designed and developed a website for our local ground contractor David Brander.
Go to the website

Matilda Nordling

We have designed and developed a blog for a blogger from Lidköping.
Go to the website

Memories 4 life

We have designed and developed a website for the photographer Annette Björkman
Go to the website

Fixma AB

We have designed and developed a website for Fixma AB that solves everything when it comes to blasting.
Go to the website


We have designed and developed a website for an antiques / retro store in Fridstad.
Go to the website

Evelyn Wallin

We have designed and developed a multilingual website for Evelyn Wallin Photography.
Go to the website


We have designed and developed a website for Sweden's largest Opel club.
Go to the website

Curious about what we can do for you?

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We are not sellers, we are developers.


A good web design is based on the standard of the images displayed on the website. We have a collaboration with the photographer Annette Björkman who runs Memories 4 life located in Vara (Sweden). She gives you the opportunity to supplement with professional images for your company and your website. When purchases of services are combined from Cebb and Memories 4 life, we
will give you a better deal. If you are only in need of pictures, contact Annette Björkman through her website.

Let's work together!

Contact us if you need help with the web, have a question or just want to chat.
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